GORILLA TIE DOWNS 1 1/2in x 6ft

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GORILLAS GRIP - TIE DOWNS: MX- Designed for motorcycles and also suitable for so many other uses! Gorillas Grip Tie Downs: 38mm wide fray-resistant,UV stabilised Hi Tensile polyester webbing straps; 300kg lashing capacity; Carabiner hooks rated to 400kg; Carbon steel hooks rated to 700kg; Chunky 3mm cam buckle rated to 700kg; Soft loop extension built in; 2.1 metre total length. Available in Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Orange, Black/Red.

GORILLAS GRIP - TIE DOWNS: SUPERBIKE - Super wide fray-resistant 50mm high tensile polyester straps (NOT polypropylene! ); Lashing capacity 300kg/side; Carabiner hooks and chunky 3mm cam buckles to match; a width adjustable strap designed specifically for use with sports bike "clip-on" handle - bars with a super soft central cover to protect the top yoke/fuel tank. GORILLA GRIP TIE DOWNS_x000D_
Gorilla Grip tie downs feature a 38mm wide fray resistant UV stabilised Hi strength polyester webbing that has a massive 300kg lashing capacity. They have aluminium carabiner hooks at the bottom end to prevent slipping off tie points and powder coated steel hooks with soft loops at the top to easily fit most motorcycles. They are 2.3m in total length and have a strong 3mm steel cam buckle rated to 700kg.

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