Battery YG12V 7A-BS (Motor Scooter)

Battery  YG12V 7-ABS

Battery Info:
Height 95cm
Width 90cm
Length 150cm

12 Volt fully sealed battery, ready to use, no charging required. They have a 7 AH capacity

This  Battery will fit many japanese and Chinese  Motor Scooters

We have a full range of batteries available for most bike and ATV applications. Please ask if we have what you're looking for.

In our Sealed Factory Activated design, the acid is completely absorbed into glass mat separators which are sandwiched between the lead plates. It’s a totally sealed and maintenance free design.
The advantages of “PoweRoad” AGM motorcycle Sealed Factory Activated battery design over conventional batteries:
Its unique design eliminates the need to maintain water levels. AGM technology will not leak or corrode on paint and chrome. Less internal resistance offers more CCA amperage the wet batteries. PoweRoad AGM motorcycle batteries are more heat and vibration resistant than conventional batteries, both which would result in large majority of failures during operations. Slower self discharge rate (longer shelf life) means that PoweRoad AGM battery can sit for extended periods of time without constant monitoring.



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